2012 - Overture

Posted by rushtrib on February 4, 2012 at 2:40 PM

Ok... so.... 1st update since June... Zoinks Scooby! was that the last time I posted something here????


Time Stand Still!!!!!!! Immediately!!!!!!


Well.... to date Whey Aye Zed has now done 4 full-on gigs along with a couple of 45 minute appearances at charity events and I must say apart from a bit of on-line heckling from what are perhaps the 'usual suspects' the response so far has been really quite superb.


As mentioned in my last post we're not taking things too seriously. We've all been doing Rush now for long enough to be able to pull off pretty listenable renditions of this awesome music for us not to have to spend an eternity in rehearsal rooms. So, for essentially what has so far been us 'shooting from the hip' as it were, we think we're doing pretty well alright.


Of course, this is a totally different approach to the Tom Sawyer/Signals To The Hemispheres projects both of which were intended to tour the UK's music clubs and small theatres... and wherever else it might have took us. That proved to be a bridge too far due to the cost/time/commitment involved in doing that and so many band members stumbled and fell at the various hurdles along the way... and that famously caused some spectacular fireworks as many people will know!


So this time we've decided to keep things simple and therefore local... to have a bit fun with it and not put ourselves under such pressures.


And I must admit the gigs have been an absolute pleasure on that basis alone.


Of course, there might be the odd 'foible' here and there musically but overall I truly think that we're not that far off what was being churned out in previous ventures... and in many respects its been far better!


So far we've played The Office in South Shields (x2), The 3 Tuns in Gatesahead and The Blyth & Tyne in Blyth.


We have gigs coming in left right and centre at the moment and you can find the current schedule on the gigs page.


Hope to see you at one of our North East gigs soon!!!!


All our gigs are free entry although I guess we may occasionally find ourselves in a venue that charges a significant door fee or we are working with a promotor etc etc. Needless to say if we progress to that level then the quality will be much higher or else we just won't go down that path at all!


(On that note, tt came to our attention last week via quite a few of the Rush fans in the North East that an established Rush tribute band requested £2000 to play at The Office... one of our regular gigs! We firstly want to make sure that no-one for a second thinks that that band was us and secondly that we feel that this kind of profit-mongering is what brings the whole tribute scene into disrepute. You have to be something pretty special to command that sort of fee. With the greatest respect in the world the band in question aren't even close at this stage of their development. Beware the profiteerers people!!!!).


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